Betfred Lottery 49 Results Today (Irish Lotto Tonight 2022)

 Betfred Irish Lotto New york and Spanish 49s for 28 Feb 2022.

Check out the latest and complete results of the Nifty fifty Betfred Irish lottery result tonight and Canadian lottery results from the national lottery in this table.

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Names Match 4 Balls* Match 5 Balls*
New York Lotto £25,000 £250,000
The Nifty Fifty £10,000 £200,000
49s £10,000 £160,000
Spanish, Polish, Canadian, German Lotto £10,000 £150,000
Greek Lotto £10,000 £100,000
Irish Lotto £8,500 £150,000
Australian Lotto £7,000 £100,000
Irish Daily Million £4,000 £66,000


27 February 2022 (Lunchtime)

18  20  23  38  34

27 February 2022 (Teatime)

18  23  32  35  41  46  17

01 July 2021 (Lunchtime)

1    16   37    41    42    49    30

01 July 2021 (Teatime)

9    17    20    39    40    42    33

49s Lotto Offers

49’s Lotto is offered by a wide range of UK bookmakers. Below, we’ve compiled their best welcome offers – all available for 49’s bets.

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Results FAQs

Are the 49’s outcomes live?

Indeed, when the authority numbers have been affirmed then our outcomes update. If it’s not too much trouble, note that albeit the draw happens at 12:49 and 16:49 the outcomes in some cases will not be affirmed for 10 – 15 minutes.

Is answerable for the draw?

No. isn’t related to the authority draw. We are basically here to help 49’s lotto bettors track down the best worth with their 49’s wagers.

Would I be able to watch the 49’s draw live?

Sadly you can’t watch the 49’s draw live on the web. The best way to watch the draw live is in a bookmaker shop. Check with your neighborhood Betfred, Coral, or William Hill in the event that they show it.

Are the outcomes the equivalent for all bookmakers?

Indeed. The 49’s lottery is particularly made to be wagered on in various bookmakers. You can at present wager on the 49’s at Betfred, Bet365, Boyle Sports, Ladbrokes, William Hill, Coral, and Paddy Power. You have a similar likelihood of winning in any bookmaker, notwithstanding, the chances (payout) differ depending on where definitely. Check our chances examination table to see who has the best chances.

How can I say whether I’ve won?

With lottery wagering, you select the number of balls you need to play before you put down your bet. For instance, picking 3 balls is the most well-known alternative on the 49’s lotto. In the event that you select three balls, these three balls basically should be remembered for the six balls drawn – or seven balls in the event that you bet With the Bonus. Peruse our How To Bet On The 49’s Lotto guide for more data.

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I always lose, how would I realize 49’s isn’t only a trick?

49’s Ltd has been enrolled in the UK since 1996.  UK betting licenses that imply the organizations are liable to exacting inspecting. In addition, there have been some enormous, high-profile champs of the 49’s throughout the long-term See victors segment.

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