Bhutan State Lotteries

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Bhutan State Lotteries

Bhutan state lotteries are currently organized and executed by the Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB). Participants often purchase lottery tickets through local retailers or via the Internet. Prizes range from as little as Nu.100 to as much as Nu.5,000,000 (~US$ 15,627), with an estimated annual revenue of ~US$ 4.5 million according to a study conducted in 2012 by National Statistics Bureau (NSB) and UNDP/GEF Trust Fund Project Implementation Unit.

Annual government expenditure on all aspects of the promotion and regulation is roughly equivalent to US$ 1.00 per capita – one of the lowest such expenditures for such services among eligible Asian countries. The national budget allocates funding of approximately Nu.50 million (~US$ 13,000) towards the lottery fund, while earnings from ticket sales average around Nu.28 – Nu.30 million (~ US$ 7644 – ~US$ 8333).

The Bhutan State Lotteries is a national state-owned lottery that offers a wide range of games that benefits both local people and foreigners. According to a Mar 2013 article by the South China Morning Post titled “Bhutan’s booming Lotto economy” , there are three privately-owned weekly lotteries in addition to the State Lottery – but none offer top prizes as attractive as those offered by the government.

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