California State Lottery

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California State Lottery

California State Lottery’s funding for public schools has been a topic of debate, as it is the largest state agency that does not have a constitutional purpose. In order to resolve this issue, Proposition 38 was created by Molly Munger, an attorney from Los Angeles County.

The main goal of Proposition 38 is to provide more money for schools and early childhood development programs by increasing income tax rates on all California’s citizens with earnings higher than $7,316 annually. This will increase the annual income of Californian families earning less than $731,000 per year by roughly $300 – $500 per family member.

Proposition 38 would also raise funding for educational programs in California’s elementary schools through 12th grade. New revenue from this proposition would be sent directly to schools and given to parents for a particular child.

Proposition 38 would fund early childhood development programs by raising the tax rate from 6% – 13%, depending on income, and would also provide grants to head start programs for low-income families.

Molly Munger claims that Proposition 38 is much more straightforward than proposition 30 because it eliminates ‘corporate loopholes’ and uses funds efficiently without them being sent into a big pool of money where they cannot be tracked. She also said that Proposition 38 passes if Proposition 30 doesn’t pass.

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