Grand Dragon Lotto 4D & 6D

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CHECK OUT Grand Dragon Lotto 4D & 6D Results today tonight from 9 pm, 7 PM, to full day.

Grand Dragon Lotto is a lottery held by Grand Imperial Malaysia (GIM) as one of their business arms. The lotto was first introduced in the year 2000 and now, it became very popular among players because of its huge prize money and attractive prizes.

This lotto draw includes 4D and 6D games and this lotto entry has outlets all over Malaysia, official 2 draws per week: Wednesday & Saturday.

There are two types of 4D number systems for this lotto:

1). Traditional System (fixed-odds):

The most common type where each digit stands alone; i.e., “5” does not have any immediate predecessor or successor. There are 987 ways to choose 4 digits out of 10,000 (for “5” and “0”, you can choose them in 1 way. However, for digit combination like “12”, it has to be chosen taking into account its immediate predecessor or successor).

2). Progressive System (variable-odds)

For the progressive system where the odds will change with every game played; i.e., which is different from fixed Odds above. Under a progressive system, all possible combinations are not exactly 987 but will keep changing depending on how many times it was drawn before.

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