South African National Lottery

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South African National Lottery

On Wednesday, 16 November 2016 it was announced that the South African National Lottery has produced an unclaimed lottery ticket worth about R330 million. The unsold ticket will be kept for another 6 months before it expires and all money collected is returned back to the state.

Saul Molobi, the SA National Lotteries’ Head of Public Relations says “The winner must claim his prize before 23 June 2017”, he goes on to say “We have discovered unclaimed prizes in excess of R500 million in our system.”

All this time this lucky person did not know they had won and now Mr Motlobi encourages people who buy lotto tickets to check their numbers immediately after each draw, as there are some very large prizes which are not claimed.

For example, there was a couple who had won R140 million which they found out about on the radio. This couple had gone to withdrawal R25 000 at an ATM and when they looked in their account realized that they were millionaires, He says ” everyone needs a good story to tell at a braai” he decides that this is his favorite one so far.

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